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Remember, Reflect, and Recreate: World Suicide Prevention Day

September 10th of every year is World Suicide Prevention Day, and while most of us would rather not think about suicide at all, it has increasingly become everyone's problem. The World Health Organization predicts that by 2020, someone will die by suicide every twenty seconds.  Forever changed we survivors are, and charged with the greatest of challenges~how to harvest the pearls beneath the turbulent waters of catastrophic grief and help reduce suicide's horrible numbers. 



By Catherine Greenleaf


A Different Approach

I ‘lost’ my daughter to suicide a little over four years ago.  She was the light in our world . . . still is.  She continues to communicate with me.  Recognizing her presence within my life has brought me peace.  Maybe you have lived through the agony of loss and are still on that merry-go-round of pain and suffering.  It can become a circle of struggle, a waste of precious life on this incredible earth that you have chosen to inhabit.  I say this because it is so sad for me to see those people who are stuck in places of sadness, guilt, and pain.

When Someone you Love Dies by Suicide Honoring my friend R.R.

            How do you cope with a death that is so sudden, so tragic, and would appear to some to be so preventable? The grief reaction felt by those that are left behind after a person dies from suicide are similar in some ways to any loss, but simultaneously unique in so many ways too. The anger and guilt that accompanies many situations of grief is often heightened further in suicide loss.

My Friend, My Enemy, My Grief

After my husband shot himself in front of me more than 2 years ago, I am a changed person.  I would like to say for the better ( in life lessons ), but I cannot.  Shawn & I were together 18 years.  He struggled with depression his whole life.  He was a man with a big heart and smile to match.  Although we were having some marital issues and were in counseling, I was not ready for him to leave my life.  I was not ready for it all to be over so suddenly.

A Hole in My Heart

After the loss of her son Robert in April of 2006, Autumn Ater found it a real challenge not to lose herself in her grief…it was then that God planted a seed in her heart to start a faith based ministry for mothers called “A Hole In My Heart”.

Life After Suicide

Why? This is a question which anyone whose life is touched by suicide will find themselves asking. Why would anyone willingly cause his or her own death? The answer to this question is simple but the grief experienced by anyone who is dealing with suicide is anything but simple.


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The Types of Continuing Bonds Which Have A Positive Impact on Parental Bereavement

My daughter Jaimè Jacinda was only with me for four short days before she passed away in my arms. My struggle to find answers to the questions ‘Why?’ and ‘Why Me?’ haunted me for a long time. Making sense of your own child’s death is no easy feat. How does one move on and find some sense of meaning in life when you’ve been challenged with the biggest injustice imaginable.

Help to Deal With Suicide Grief

Suicide is a modern public health crisis that claims lives all over the world every year. People who have lost a loved one to suicide often face tremendous trauma and shock with many confusing emotions like grief, despair and even anger with many questions like why did their loved one choose to take their lives, why they were unable to see that their love one needed help they also raise questions like will their loved one go to heaven and for some, questioning whether life is worth living is common.


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Putting Secondary Losses First

A secondary loss in grief refers to another "crisis" that occurs simultaneously or as a result/reaction to the death of a loved one. Most people experience one or more secondary losses during grief that must be resolved before they can truly grieve. Understand the impact of secondary losses and learn how to deal with them.

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