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Nicole DiCenzo is the surviving spouse of Army Captain Doug DiCenzo, who was killed in action on May 25, 2006 in Bagdad. Nicole has recently published a book about her experience entitled: Revelations: A Survivor's Story of Faith, Hope and the Coming Kingdom. In Revelations, the reader witnesses how God takes Nicole on a journey to discover the reason for Christ's Millennial Kingdom. Why did God carve out 1,000 years before eternity began? From Nicole's perspective, Revelations is a true-life account, yet, there is a twist; each chapter portrays Doug experiencing Heaven and the heavenly preparations for the return of the King. "We think our life, as we know it, ends here," Nicole says, "but that isn't what scripture says. When Jesus returns He will right all the wrongs that have happened to God's people.” The author now teaches about the coming of Christ in different churches in the Columbus, Georgia, area, where she lives with her son Dak. You can learn more about Nicole at