Friendship (Poem)

Smooth flows, smooth flows, there’s no place for more foes

Searching for love in the wrong places, we propose to our roads

Share goals, share gold, that’s how deep the love goes

Every week we see ghosts, so many are fake close

Hatred switches sides like basketball teams, straight after half-time

Healing all of our woes, ensuring we’re alright, we don’t even have time

You’re all in my heart, promoting the peace, where would I be without you?

We promise no malice, take us to a palace, now how does that feel?


© Ridge S. Maurice

About the Author
Ridge Maurice is an Australian freelance writer/poet, looking to express himself, and his artistic views, in the written form. Poetry is his forte and he enjoys writing arts based articles in his spare time. Thus far, freelancing has been both an enjoyable and challenging journey. At the very least, he claims to be learning a lot about humanism and himself.
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