I’ve been asked on more than one occasion about HOPE. Where I found it, where do I continue to find it after my world has been shattered after losing my son Brian 5.5 years ago in a car accident. How did HOPE become the key word for me when I started my leadership support group which helps other parents after they have lost a child. Hope was not easy to find. Here I am five and a half years later clinging to it like a child holding onto their mothers shirt as he walks. I have to search for it every single day.

The Ambivalence of Grief


The thing about life is that it is predictable, while also being unpredictable. We make every effort to ensure that our lives are busy because we fear the quiet stillness. That quiet interrupts our active lifestyle and forces us to ponder on things we would rather ignore. The quiet can take our most joyous moments and muddy them to the point of utter sorrow. The sweetness of life can be, at times, tainted with bitterness. Darkness can overtake our souls...drowning out the light.