Pluses of Planning Your Own Memorial Service


I have three leaking heart valves and am in acute heart failure. My mitral valve leaks the most. In May a world-famous surgeon is going to replace my mitral valve with a pig valve. Several weeks before surgery I met with my primary care physician. “You need to be prepared,” she advised, “and not be surprised by something from left field.”

Apathy: When No Feeling is the Hardest of All


Apathy. I often write about different emotions in this blog. Grief is so complicated and the anger, guilt, sadness, yearning, questions and confusion that come with it can make it an endless cycle of feeling. Grief can hurt so much because never have we felt so much. There can be a sense that suddenly we’ve been turned inside out, so that we’re made of nothing but nerves that can be pinched at any moment, even by the slightest trigger.