Tips on How to Choose a Thoughtful Sympathy Gift

The grieving process can be as unique as ones finger print. Each person brings to the journey their individual personality, their connection with the person that passed away, their religious/spiritual beliefs, their feelings about death, and their life experiences. When it comes to choosing a thoughtful sympathy gift one size does not fit all.

The Long Term Effects of Not Supporting Children Through Their Grief and Grieving Process

I can only speak from my own experience. This is all I know. Others may have experienced what I experienced in a different way, with different results, but this is what happened to me. My 7 year old sister died in an accident when I as 12 years old. My whole family was devastated. My mum and dad were so distraught that they just couldn't talk about what had happened or about my sister who died. They couldn't talk about the tragic loss that made a huge full stop in their lives to such an extent that in the following 15+ years my sister's name was mentioned less than a handful of times.

Grieving Online: Facebook

The Facebook phenomenon is huge. Not only is it a social network and business hub but it also has a valuable role in providing solace and support when you are mourning the loss of someone you love. It doesn't matter where you are in the world. On Facebook, you can connect anytime with like-minded people for companionship, support and understanding, in a number of different ways.