The New Normal

Since Christmas Day has just passed, I have an obligation to remind you of what you already know: "Christmas is not just one day of the year!  It is a whole season.  There are twelve wonderful days of Christmas!"  It's my job as a preacher to say that; but, now, here's a confession.  I don't care how many times I countdown that holiday song...the one with the drummers drumming and the ladies dancing and the swans a-swimming...all the way down to today, "on the second day of Christmas," with its duet of doves...though I know it is still a feels lik

The Gift of Grief

A little over a year ago Benazir Bhutto, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, was assassinated.  Bhutto had recently returned to her country following several years of exile.  She was a leading voice calling for democracy and change in Pakistan.  Following a large campaign rally, as many people crowded around her vehicle, shots rang out and a suicide bomber detonated a bomb.  Many of her supporters died along with her in the senseless violence.  Photographs taken at the scene were on the covers of newspapers around the world.  The picture on the front of the