Friendships and Grief

Every one of us handles grief differently. We walk around dazed and confused trying to understand the deeper meaning of death. Some of us throw ourselves back into our work to be distracted, trying to shake off our grief, while others may fall into a deep dark pit where they try to search for a deeper meaning of it all.

It is difficult when we are open to talk about our journeys and about the loved ones we’ve lost but, sometimes other people aren't. Relationships with others can crumble which often widens the gap    

Pluses of Planning Your Own Memorial Service


I have three leaking heart valves and am in acute heart failure. My mitral valve leaks the most. In May a world-famous surgeon is going to replace my mitral valve with a pig valve. Several weeks before surgery I met with my primary care physician. “You need to be prepared,” she advised, “and not be surprised by something from left field.”