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Lyn Ayre is a prolific writer penning poetry, short stories, children’s books, cook books, spiritual books, energy healing manuals, and her memoir. This tallies to over seven hundred thousand words over the last few decades. Her favourite saying is, “I eat words for breakfast.” An avid reader, she also enjoys dabbling in the arts–painting, potting, cooking, gardening, jewellery making, perfumery, singing, and photography.

Her book, “Fragments of a Shattered Soul Made Whole: a memoir” was released in November 2018. Our Canada Magazine wrote today to say her story, “Heartfelt Thanks to My Husband” will be featured along with several photographs in their May issue.  “New Beginnings Anthology” will feature seven of her poems

Lyn is a proud Mom and grateful Grandma. She makes her home in Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada.