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Wrote " Yes Men Do Cry" . The journal is a documentation of how I coped with the loss of
Lois (Booby), my wife of twenty-five years, on October 18, 2000. I wrote it over a period of three years from November 2000 to October 2003, at first daily and, as time progressed, weekly, then monthly. It is a personal journey of the grieving process I went through, It is how I felt, how I survived. There is no official ending as one does move on and accepts what is happening on their own terms.
Everything written just flowed, including forty-eight poems.
99% is unedited
If the Journal helps one person male or female so that they do not feel so alone, then publishing it will have been a success

Yes, there are many books on grieving for women, but few for men. There are many great counseling groups out there, BUT
Because of the macho man syndrome, men appear to prefer grieving in the privacy of their own home.

As you will see, we are far stronger as individuals than we realize. Your mind can play great games. Positivity does conquer NEGATIVITY. The Journal is available at Amazon.