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Stephanie is originally from Long Island, NY. At age 15 she met her soulmate Pete. After several years as a couple, God had other plans and the two parted ways. Both went on to have other relationships and children. 20 years later Pete took a chance and called Stephanie's parents home. The two got back together and married in 2005. Stephanie experienced the sudden death of her father in 2005. Stephanie was with her Mom when she was called to heaven in 2010. Pete who had Multiple Sclerosis required more and more care. Hospice eventually was brought into their home. Pete grew weaker and weaker. Stephanie, her son and Pete's family tried to make him as comfortable as possible. Stephanie and Pete both believed it was destiny that brought them back together and there was a reason for it. In 2012 Stephanie's sister passed suddenly. 5 months later, Pete was taken home to Heaven. Stephanie has a unique, honest and raw relationship with grief. Her writings make you feel the emotions she describes. Her works have brought tears and belly laughs to some readers. Stephanie treks her journey up "Grief Mountian" with memories, insights and words of hope. Her Facebook page is Grief 4 Dummies.