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Friendships After a Child's Death

It seems to me before Joey died I had many friends! I was happy, lived in a good neighborhood, had had a good job, my kids were successful, on and on. Who wouldn't want to be a friend or at least an acquaintance?

To A Dear Friend

To my Dear Friend

From Me, To Youfor

I am so happy to say

I love you everyday

no matter what we have

mo matter what we do

i know we stick together like glue

i got your back, as you have mine

im so grateful for all the time

we have together

To understand it is precious and not promised


To understand its now or never

for all I have and for all you do

Help Those Around You Meet You in Your Grief

From the author: This is an article that you can share with those around you to help them know what’s going on in the grieving heart. We need each other – desperately.

Handling the PAIN of Grief

From the author: This is an article you can share, send, or forward to others to help them understand the grieving heart a little better.

The pain is real

Smile Because It Happened

Smile Because It Happened

To The Distant Shore of Lake Grief

To The Distant Shore of Lake Grief 


#8… After observing a fisherman launch a second stick of dynamite into the lake, the game warden started his engine and shot across the water to make the arrest.  “He yelled on his bullhorn, “Stay where you are.  I am a conservation officer, and you are under arrest.” 

A New Day

Spring awakens with the dawn of a new day. A new day that I get up and try to feel for my existence. It doesn't come. I'm here but I am not. Twenty eight months. I've come a long way but yet not so far. My needs are small in comparison but simplistically impossible. I want to see your beautiful face. Your twinkling eyes. Your quirky smile.

The Season Has Ended (The Dream)

The season has ended. Blossoms of purples and whites fill my sight. I pass through the fields of heather and look beyond the sea. A peacefulness settles in the misty dew surrounding my body and filling my senses. I am with someone. A beautiful feeling of pure and abundant love emanates sparkles of light that reach deep within my soul. It is my son. He reaches for my hand and helps me up.

I Did Not Know

When we first met,

I did not know,

That you would come,

And how fast you'd go!


I did not know,

That in the end,

I would have to lose,

Such a real good friend!


I did not know,

It would hurt this much,

To be without you,

And your loving touch!


You left me here,

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