Got Mother's Day Leftovers?

I'm still recovering from Mother's Day even though it will be 4 years this June my mom's been gone. It's pretty internally torturous, to be quite honest, but I'm fully dedicated to moving through those crappy, difficult emotions. It's probably the hardest human thing we can do.

Thought it would all be over today, yet when I actually went through my own process of finding guilt to release and then making space, the vaccume effect I talked about absolutely occured. Within 24 hours of actually doing the work, there was all this flooding of emotions. I thought I cried yesterday, wasn't that enough? Apparently not.

I cried again tonight but this time it felt like it was coming from a deeper place inside my body and although while the tears were erupting, I wondered if I would ever feel better. I think we often feel that way when we are crying. Something about crying makes us think about all the crazy and sad thoughts. It's like they flood us so that we can get all the tears out. Besides feeling a bit physically drained, I actually feel better. Is that possible? I felt so crappy when I came home tonight... but I actually feel better.

If you're willing to do the work and have made some space inside yourself, know you're likely to experience some peace, but that peace might be followed by the feeling of void or other emotions you've been stuffing down may surface.

When feeling the feelings, feel them fully and deeply. Know you will get to the other side. Might not feel like it in the moment but you there will be a time you will be so thankful you did.  If it's the void, try to fill yourself with something positive. Tonight, I'm doing the simple act of watching Long Island Medium ;)

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My name is Lisa A. Snyder and I have lost both parents in my 20′s to cancer. My father passed away the day before my 23rd birthday from Hodgekins Disease Lymphoma in October 2004 and my mother passed away when I was 27, to AML (Leukemia), in June 2009. After being by their side during the decline of their health, I learned to be present and to help each of my parents finish up their business here in preparation for transitioning to whatever is after this life, deal with family, hospitals, keeping up my energy level, staying afloat in my own life as well as process my own grief.

Now, I’m working towards understanding how to live and keep living as best I can with life’s challenges I face daily, not having any parents. I’m trying to continue to live a healthy, active and adventurous, art filled life while I attempt to understand how to cope each day that goes by that they aren’t in my physical life.

My Intention is to connect those of us who have lost our mothers, our fathers or both parents, at any age, through art, writing, and focusing on the positive, despite these circumstances that have changed us forever.

Losing your parents could be anything from cancer, illness, sudden death, divorce, separation, being adopted, growing up not knowing who your mother or father was or being cut off from your parents because of your sexuality or life decisions.

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