Rebuilding your family after child loss

Before we lost Brian we were a tight fun family. We were full of laughter, crazy moments, adventures, shared stories & a togetherness that could not be broken. The four of us were thick as thieves. Then our worst day happened & in a flash our family came crashing down. We were no longer what we once were. But I am here to tell you, your family can put the pieces back together again. Its not an easy road. You will be broken. You will make mistakes. The unhealed parts of you will unintentionally hurt the ones you love.

My Blessings

Sitting here thinking about the state of the world right now, my boy, my blessings & these two!!  Being my husband & stepdaughter has not been an easy task after losing Brian. But, they love me, support me & forgive me for the short comings I had as a wife & stepmom after we all lost him. That’s the true testament of family, isn’t it? It’s not only being there when you’re spot on as mom, wife & stepmom, which I always took great pride in. It’s being there when things fall apart. Crash all the way down.

Skin Hunger Can Be a By-Product of Widowhood


Skin Hunger Can Be a By-Product of Widowhood. It's not often discussed, but it's true. One of the nicest benefits of an intimate relationship is the physical contact that comes with them. While that includes sexual contact, that's not what I'm talking about here. Maybe a topic for another day. No, what I mean is the ordinary touches and connections that are an integral part of close family and housemate relationships.