Our Beautiful Daughter.

My beautiful daughter died many years ago, passed away in the crook of her daddy’s comfortable arm, that’s how small she was. She left many years ago, as her soul took flight after only two days of this earthly life. I’ve always written about her and at the beginning, when emotions were really raw, writing was my consolation.

Grieving The Loss Of A Child: Six Things That Everyone Needs To Know


People grieving is one of the hardest things to witness and when it is the loss of a child it is particularly devastating. It is a loss like no other and a pain that can be all-consuming for a time. What are the best ways to help someone through this process? Below are six things that parents grieving the loss of a child want you to know.

Love never dies and neither does grief.



How can we, who have lost our child grieve so long after they have gone. Because we have known a love that is greater than ourselves. For a long time the world goes dim and the only bright spot is that red hot poker that sears our hearts every single day. Then suddenly, one day, it does not seem as painful and we have hope. They say hope is eternal … Until that poker heats up again. You see? We have learned something that we never wanted to know … grief, deep, soul-wrenching grief. We have loved deeply.

Ride the Wave...

August 19th is known as the Day of Hope to break down the walls of infant, pregnancy & child loss. With that being said, if you can barely find the strength to hold on, I beg you to ride the wave. I know you are drowning, but I also know the shore is not too far away...I live the kind of loss that will paralyze you. I grieve in ways you can’t fathom. I died the day he did. But I came back!! YOU can too!! Healing is tiring, but it’s worth it.