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I am a mother of 6 children one of them is an Angel. My daughter Mary Alyssa Murray passed away in 2007. I wanted so badly to see her face I set out to purchase a dogtag with her photo on it. After a month the photo etched off and she was gone. I was devastated. I set out to find a process that would allow me to put her photo on items where the photo would not come off. I found a process that does just that. I began in late 2007 donating memorial dogtags to parents who lost a child. The response was overwhelming. I could not keep up and it became too expensive to offer them for free any longer. And in August 2008 I created which is a website that offers Memorial Keepsakes which are personalized with your loved ones photos with the hopes of bringing others some comfort. A portion of the proceeds go toward the purchase of Teddy bears that I dress with pesonalized tshirts and donate to children in crisis through Hugs Across America Mary Murray Chapter that I started in 2008. Mary was 4 and a half she loved preschool and art prior to her death I was not creative. Now I can't stay away from creating something new. I think Mary wants me to do her art for her. I love creating something meaningful and personalized for others. I miss my daughter Mary more than words could ever convey she was the joy in our lives. I still can see her sweet smile and I know she is always right beside me.