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A Letter From Your Child In Heaven

To my Parent/Parents from your Child in Heaven,


Life Of A Bum


How Can You Help a Grieving Friend?

You want to help a grieving friend, but don’t know what to do. I understand your predicament because I’ve “been there.” Comforting a bereaved person can be a challenge. My husband and I learned what to do after we experienced multiple losses. We learned what works and what doesn’t. The most important thing we learned is that small gestures can provide immense comfort.

What To Do If You Don't Know What To Do After Loss

Why Is Life So Hard? Am I Doing It Wong?

I have written many articles with the intention of healing those whom read them. This article has that very intention as well. If anything written within this article challenges your Faith or Beliefs, please know that is never my intention. I am absolutely respectful of the Faith and Beliefs of others. 

When A Loved One Passes To Heaven, What Happens To Them?

The Moment that we pass from the Physical World to Heaven, we are immediately filled with love. If you took the most love that you have ever felt in your entire life and multiply it by infinity, then, you may then begin to understand the feeling of Heaven.

Why the Right Grief Support Matters

Helping Others By Sharing Stories

This weekend I was invited to speak at the Read more

From Me, To Youfor

I am so happy to say

I love you everyday

no matter what we have

mo matter what we do

i know we stick together like glue

i got your back, as you have mine

im so grateful for all the time

we have together

To understand it is precious and not promised


To understand its now or never

for all I have and for all you do

Help Those Around You Meet You in Your Grief

From the author: This is an article that you can share with those around you to help them know what’s going on in the grieving heart. We need each other – desperately.

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