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People Don't Get It


When loss hits, life changes. This includes our relationships. So often, the people arond us don't understrand. We can feel rejected, invisible, and alone. 



Another year without you...

It’s always so depressing

     when I realize how long it’s been 

     since I’ve seen you; 

Feeling Lonely & Isolated in Grief

Six Ways To Beat The Holiday Blues

Six Ways To Beat The Holiday Blues


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Can't We Skip the Holidays?

"Christmas? Thanksgiving was an emotional nightmare. Can't we just skip it this year? Where's the Grinch when you need him?" Glenn asked.

My Sister’s Birthday

Birthdays are supposed to be fun,

but since you’ve passed away,

Birthdays are nothing but sadness.

You’re not here anymore; 

Mother's Day



When we are young, we celebrate Mother’s Day in honor of our mother’s and grandmother’s. Life is easy, no cares, no worries and no responsibilities

We become adults and have our own children

Mother’s Day is then a day to honor us

We celebrate with our children

It is a day full of joy and happiness.

Holiday Reflections on the Gifts We Have Received


When Holidays Hurt: 3 Survival Tips

Ah, the holidays.

Halls, houses, and lawns are decked with festive decorations. Kitchens are filled with delightful, savory aromas. The air is laced with laughter, familiar music, and the tinkling of Salvation Army bells. 

The holiday spirit is everywhere. 


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