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Loss of a Son

Why do people say such things?


We're hurting. The last thing we need is to be evaluated. Unkind and unhelpful words end up only adding to our burdens.


I Miss Everything


We miss everything. This hurts. We wonder how long this will last. 


From the Grieving Heart:

I'm Getting Tired of Faking It


In times of loss, sadness can easily deepen into depression. It feels like we've fallen into a pit, and sometimes the pit can grow very dark indeed. 


Nothing Seems to Matter Anymore


Grief is draining. Exhausting. No wonder there are times when nothing seems to matter much anymore. 


My Soul is Shaking


Loss hits our souls too. It can jostle us spiritually. We come to realize just how little we control. 


I Want to Lay Blame Somewhere


Guilt is seemingly never far from any of us. When we're grieving, it can become a frequent visitor. Surely someone, somewhere is to blame for all this. It might as well be us. 

The More We Know About Heaven, The More We Heal

The Moment that we pass from the Physical World to Heaven, we are immediately filled with love. If you took the most love that you have ever felt in your entire life and multiply it by infinity, then, you may then begin to understand the feeling of Heaven.

Where Have All the Listeners Gone?


We all need to feel seen and heard. This is especially true when we're hurting from a loss. 


From the Grieving Heart:

Can't They See I'm Hurting?


Many of those around us can't relate. Or perhaps they don't want to. We wonder if anyone cares. 


From the Grieving Heart:

I Feel Trapped Sometimes


When grieving, we can feel trapped. It can feel like our options are stripped away, one by one. 


From the Grieving Heart:

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