7 years….Learning after loss of son


7 years this Sunday. Many things I thought I knew about life but then a car accident took Brian’s & I felt like I didn’t know anything.  As yrs pass, there are many things I didn't know that I have learned…

I didn't know that I could live again after losing one of the two kids I love more than life

I didn’t know my grief for Brian would be stronger than my love for the living those first 3 years. 

I didn’t know a pup named Luke would come in 2017 & save my life

I didn't know that I could cry so much 

Self Care

If truth be told before loss self-care wasn’t something I thought about. I did what most of us do. Handle our stuff. After loss I found that self care was a necessity for me to survive. Self care! Do it! Today self care looks like me chilling on a Captain America float having a cocktail.


Grief is unpredictable. It can knock you down in an instant…BUT the love!! That can make you stand taller than you ever had. That is what we must always remember when the grief tries to get a hold of the heart. Remember the LOVE! 

Grief: A Nurse’s Journey of Self-Awareness and Healing

Grief is a strange thing. I thought I was doing well with the unexpected loss of my significant other, Tony to suicide March 4, 2016. The first two years were especially difficult for me, and I found myself wondering how I would go on without him. As time went on, I began to come to the realization that I could live without him and not feel so sad every single day.

From We to Me


“We’re having salmon for dinner,” I announced, and turned to face my husband. Only he was not there. John died months ago and there was no longer a “we.” Now it was just me. After 63 years of marriage, adapting to life without John is difficult. Though I cared for him until he died and made the final arrangements, I still struggle with disbelief. What should I do with the rest of my life?