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The Grief Toolbox is providing our user contributed articles as well as aggregated articles from a variety of blogs. Please join our community and comment on the articles, let us and others know what you found helpful and that you did not. Together we can help each other as well as future travelers on their grief journey. We are also always looking for additional contributors; if you see a topic you would like to share your thoughts on, please submit content.

Happy Easter to  you, to your family, your friends, and especially to your loved ones in heaven. 

I'm not really sad about...


The 10,000th Day

I have been numbers driven as far back as I can remember, whether in my business or personal life.  In my journey since Dana...


  Hey there, it’s me, here up in Heaven.  I’ve seen that you are really struggling since the moment that I graduated to Heaven and I wanted to send you a quick note to ease your pain.  I know that you are carrying guilt with my passing and I really wanted to talk to you about that today.  Through my life that I shared with you, there are many memories that we made, some...


Mother’s Day is approaching- 

My first mothers day without Brian I was so sad as it was approaching. He is the only reason I am even a mom. And when I said those words out loud my mood about it changed.  HE is the reason I have this day. HE made me a mom. How could I not embrace that? This day? So I did. I did what I had done for the 17 years he was here with me before that car...


"I used to be sure about a lot of things. Not now. I'm confused. I'm not sure what I believe anymore," Tony shared.

Tony's son Drake was the oldest of four boys. He was the leader and...


How I survived – Finding me!

I’m the first to admit it – Even almost ten years after he left my sight, I’m still a train wreck.  Not to take away from anyone that lost someone in a train wreck, but I am still a mess.  I’m not saying there aren’t good days.  I do have a few, now and again.  But for the whole of it – I still have moments where I feel...


Down crooked roads with hills and trees, there lies a cottage fair,
For hundreds of years its fires have burned, to warm those living there...
It stands amongst the hills and vales, proud for all to see,

Its age has only helped to prove, its mighty dynasty
Those walls housed burly oxen, with which settlers broke the land
Its walls were lined with strong red brick, the...


If life were easy, what would we learn from it? Challenges come in so many different forms in life. Sometimes they come in the form of a family member who makes us want to pull our hair out no matter how many chances we give them. Challenges can come in the form of Finances. Perhaps your challenges in your life come from the loss of a loved one. Maybe your challenge is in your romantic...


“I’m certain my tear ducts are empty. I’ve been a crying fool for weeks. I’ve wanted to wail and scream on many occasions, but I haven’t given myself permission yet,” Amanda said.

Amanda’s daughter...


Finding purpose…what a very big and very grand idea, and one that we may not spend a lot of time exploring prior to loss. Perhaps because when life is “good” our purpose is pretty clear. While it may not...


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